NEE – A potential cryptocurrency in the future

NEE – A potential cryptocurrency in the future


Nee is a cryptocurrency issued on NEEX exchange – a platform of trading between cryptocurrencies as BTC, ETH, USDex, NEE and so on.

➢ Nee is a Coin on NeeX – Crypto exchange.
➢ Nee is a intermediary asset for paying on NeeBank – Digital Banking.
➢ Nee is a platform to issue new tokens on NeeChain – Blockchain ecosystem.

NEE is considered as a digital solution for transaction and payment.

This project creates a supporting environment for enterprises from all over the world to issue digital shares, raise fund for startups and encrypt real estate properties and digital assets for easier transactions

Nee can be traded in all systems all over the world which is convenient for users. With an international network, NeeX allows users to perform simple and easy payment process. Nee is used as a means of payment in crypto transactions in NeeX’s diverse services.

Nee is accepted as an intermediary in forex transactions in Neebank.

International payment will not be limited by time or distance. All activities are managed from a mobile device.

Simplify the operation in all transaction which are cost-and-time saving

Created on a technology platform and internet network. Steps of transactions are processed and recorded quickly, fully in a precise manner

Nee is a platform for issuing new Tokens on Neechain – a blockchain ecosystem

Business model

Neechain is a blockchain platform for all startups in Finance, Technology, Retail, Services, etc.. When firms aim at issuing shares, stock, they can create, develop and manage their activities on this flatform in a fast, easy, transparent and secured manner.


  • Simplifying all trading and purchasing transaction
  • Assisting firms in issuing digital shares
  • Assisting firms in raising fund for startups
  • Encrypting digital / real estate assets

In conclusion, Nee promises to activate the financial market and offers people a new way of investing. In the future, Nee’s predicted to become a center for startups to raise fund, perform transactions and so on.