• Without branches, is NEEBank trustworthy for clients to perform transactions with?
  • Nowadays, things are connected via IoT and cash will gradually fade away in the next 5 – 10 years. Cashless economy has become the new trend in many countries.

    Traditional banks keep people waiting in queues and in processing their transactions with a limited working hour. Banks often require people to present in one of its branches if they want to open a bank account, change their personal information, deposit / withdraw and so on. This requirement has become a burden for banks’ clients.

    Digital connection allows people to use banking services 24/7 from anywhere. Whoever you are, you are still supported days and nights with a smart assistant (OmaIN)

    Blockchain technology stores the bank’s database on a decentralized basis (instead of a centralized database like traditional banks). This keeps users’ database (account, personal information) safe and transparent all over the world.

    Everything a user needs to do is to create a single account to connect to financial services: payment, exchange, transfer, saving, etc..

    You have a Bank in your hand with just a mobile phone connected to the Internet.

  • Why are NEEBank’s services free of charge and its interest rate is high?
  • The strategy of 2020 – 2025 – the goal of 500 million user accounts from Asia (with the population of 4.6 billion people)

    Simple registration process: directly on application / website, no bank clerks or branches => no operation expenses

    Linking marketing – Bonus of 9 NEE (for 9 levels) => the great appeal to form a global community

    OMANEE issues NEE (a coin) to expand its blockchain ecosystem and 50% of NEE is used as NEEBank’s development fund (spent on bonus, interest, etc..)

    The community expansion and increasing demand for NEE raises NEE’s value upto $5 – $10, which in turns provides NEEBank upto millions of billion dollars.


  • What is NEEBank’s network from F1 to F9?
  • It is the way to reward someone for referring to others register one program. Rewarding to 9 levels from F1 to F9 in a pyramid pattern. For example, Mr. Sam signs up to be a NEEBanker and gets his own referral link. Unlimited reward is calculated with geometric progression as the following:

    + Sam’s system has 9 levels (F1 – F9)
    + Sam sends his referral link to 5 other people and they sign up using his referral link
    + These 5 people will become F1s in his system,
    + NEEBank’s system records the amount of NEE Sam receives as the introduction rewards: 9 NEE x 5 = 45 NEE
    + Each F1 introduces 5 more people => the new members of Sam’s system (his F2s): 5 x 5 = 25 F2s
    + In a geometric progression, he’ll have 1,953,125 F9s
    + By now, in his system, he’ll have: 2,441,405 members in total
    + His rewards will be: 2,441,405 x 9 x 0.06 = $131,835.87

    Note: 1 NEE = $0,006

  • What is NEEBank’s Affiliate Marketing? How does it work?
  • The program of rewarding everyone (not only NEEBankers) introducing new users.

    Create an account for free and share Referral Links to others.

    You’ll get 9 NEE for free as soon as one new account is registered with your referral link (from F1 to F9), without restriction on the number of new members registered.

  • Who can register to be a NEEBanker? How?
  • NEEBank always creating favorable conditions for Everyone to have an opportunity to Join Us. Anyone can become a NEEBanker with two ways:

    The basic and simple way is depositing into NEEBank. We have different deposit packages and the lowest one is 500 USD.

    Or you can join NEEBank affiliate marketing (limited time) to be a NEEBanker for free. Taking advantage of Rewards from This Program, rewarding from network F1 – F9, so the number of NEE you receive is unlimited. Once you have accumulated enough NEE – 83,334 NEE (equivalent to $500) equal to the minimum deposit of 1 NEEBanker. Then you can deposit with your NEE into NEEBank to become a NEEBanker.

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