Policy for Agent NEEBank (NEEBanker) | Updating To The End Of August 2020

Policy for Agent NEEBank (NEEBanker) | Updating To The End Of August 2020

An Agent for NEEBank (or a NEEBanker) is a direct affiliate with NEEBank, who plays the role of a traditional bank’s branch. However, with Agent NEEBank work online from all over the world.

Who can become a NEEBanker?

Anyone from any country in the world.

Being a NEEBanker, you will be doing tasks such as:

  • Developing the clients’ accounts
  • Playing the role of a center for foreign exchange and cryptocurrency exchange
  • A center for international money transferring service
  • Top-up center where clients deposit or withdraw cash (NeeTM – similar to an ATM)
  • Providing other services: loans, lending, issuing cards, securities, credit providing, etc…

neebanker policy

Conditions to become a NEEBanker

  • Classic: deposit $500 (in NEE)
  • Active: deposit $5,000 (in NEE)
  • Gold: deposit $10,000 (in NEE)
  • Diamond: deposit $20,000 (in NEE)
  • VIP: deposit $50,000 (in NEE)

Deposit packages receive the same interest rates for saving packages in NEEBank and allow agents to get full benefits for NEEBankers.

NEEBanker register CTA

Policy for account registering and NEECard issuing (Visa / Mastercard)

NEECard’s properties – the differences

  • NEECard meets all the requirement for Visa/Mastercard with full functions and security features like plastic cards
  • NEECards are virtual ones with images and information displayed online. Clients do not receive a plastic card (a physical form) as usual.
  • NEECards are used to perform payment on EcoTouch
  • NEECards are issued to meet with the needs of safe, convenient online shopping and payment

The policy for NEEBanker’s commission

1. Rewards for savings accounts: 12% for 9 levels

  • F1: 4%
  • F2-F9: 1%

The commission is calculated with the clients’ packages and period.

2. Policy for developing IDBank and NEECard (issuing in 2021)

3. Policy for developing NEECredit (issuing in 2021)

4. Policy for exchanging services: agents receive 80% of the difference between currencies

The policy for NEE distribution in 2020: 

  • Presale: $0,004 before June 29th, 2020
  • IEO: $0,006 – $0,015 from June 29th, 2020 – February 28th, 2021

IEO selling price roadmap

Stage 1: SELL IEO

Roadmap for selling IEO

  • 07/2020: $0,006
  • 08/2020: $0,008
  • 09/2020: $0,009
  • 10/2020: $0,010
  • 11/2020: $0,011
  • 12/2020: $0,012
  • 01/2021: $0,014
  • 02/2021: $0,015

Stage 2: NEEBank official operates from March-May, 2021
NEE’s price is forecasted at $0,03

Stage 3: NEEBank becomes global.
Target in 2023 – 2024 is for NEE’s price to be at $1.

NEEBank is planned to officially operate from May 2021.