What is NEEBank? Leading A Revolution In Banking

What is NEEBank? Leading A Revolution In Banking

NEEBank is a global digital bank, operating and providing financial services & products via the Internet with mobile applications and websites.

It applies Blockchain platform into its operation and storing information (decentralized), which makes NEEBank unlimited by boundaries of nations – currencies – applying environment.

With just 1 IDBANK account and 1 common currency – USDex – NEEBank creates outstanding services and products in Finance – Banking segment, contributing in the trend of ‘Cashless world’.

What is NEEBank?

NEEBank is a bank work by functions and services like a traditional bank but it’s activities performed online. With NEEBank, customers don’t have to go directly to the office for transactions, therefore paperwork is minimized.

At the same time, all activities and services are performed anytime and anywhere without limits of work time and space. Customers always be proactive. The first digital bank in the world, apply Block-chain in managing and operating accounts, ensuring transaction reputation, safety and transparency, and publicity.

NEEBank is combination between e-banking and traditional banking – 24/7 service, 100% transactions performed via the Internet.

Benefits from NEEBank

Business efficiency:

Not only creating a digital platform improve interaction between parties and help meet customers needs faster but also NEEBank provides methods to make internal functions more efficient.

Costs savings:

Neebank’s activities are performed online without a branch, office, employees, so on. They work for reducing the operating costs and this is a competitive advantage of NEEBank that brings benefits. Cut down most management fees, transactions or using NEEBank services.

High precision:

NEEBank is applied on the Blockchain platform – Distributed data – Decentralized, so all data and accounts are guaranteed safe, high security.

All transactions are performed exactly, avoiding financial fraud in management.

With its own Blockchain platform NEECHAIN, Neebank also has many advantages in connecting intermediaries for global digital banks in the future when traditional banks – digital banks want to apply the Blockchain platform.

Products & Services

NEEBank provides all banking products and services on Website and Mobile Apps.

By registering an online account, customers can access and use all services provided:

  • Manage a personal account by blockchain wallet
  • Services such as exchanging, transferring or international payment.
  • Pay the bill.
  • Loans.
  • Account Saving.
  • Credit, debit card: NEECARD (Visa, MasterCard, ..)
  • Financial products: Insurance, investment,
  • Blue Credit: offer a credit on ECOTOUCH – KYC customer accounts
  • Manage personal and business finance
  • Value-added services: Lottery, charitable donations, community advocacy,…


Watch video below to summarize all about NEEBank