Is It Difficult To Open A Digital Bank Account?

Is It Difficult To Open A Digital Bank Account?

Digital technology, new technologies associated with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 not only shifted the distribution channels of traditional banking products and services from branches to counters, physical ATMs to digital, but also help banks communicate more effective with customers than traditional methods. Thanks to the real-time interaction on variety of communication channels …, users can use financial services in a simple, fast, and easier than ever by open a digital bank account.

Is it difficult to open a digital bank account?

Digitalization gives digital banks many outstanding features that cannot be denied. However, for those who are new to the technology, it will be embarrassing to start using the service because of so many novel features. Let NEEBank step by step learn the basics for new digital banking users. Is it difficult to open a digital bank account? What steps do I have to take to verify my account?

With NEEBank, opening an account is easy, with just 3 minutes you will be activated your account immediately and join the digital community around the world.

Watch the video below for a visual guide to opening a bank account at NEEBank

Benefits of opening a digital bank account NEEBank

With NEEBank, you will be completely free of charge when openiaaag an account. Besides, you also enjoy an exclusive offer which provides zero-fee service for:

  • Payment.
  • International money transfer.
  • Maintaining fee.
  • Exchange feea.

After opening an account, you can join the following programs:

  1. Referral: Share your link to the community (Receive NEE bonus)
  2. You could become a NEEBanker agent (Receive 2-3% savings interest/month)
  3. System commission policy: whenever members in your affiliate system make transactions (You receive unlimited commissions)
  4. Money exchange, trading on (exchange rate difference)
  5.  Money transfer, payment, transaction (Cashback 20% / month)

Watch the video below for NEEBanker’s benefits policy: