IDBank – NEEBank Personal Account

IDBank – NEEBank Personal Account

IDBank is an account for use by an individual for that person’s own needs. It is a relative term to differentiate them from those accounts for business or corporate use.

IDBank is a bank account managed by Blockchain

As world’s first bank integrating a decentralized model in its management, with IDBank, each account in NEEBank is secured in a safe and transparent blockchain system.

It helps IDBank’s users actively manage their assets safely without depending on a centralized server like the case with a traditional bank.

This is a platform with a full banking database and it can link with the international banking system. This makes NEEBank the center for banking services in a near future: money transfer, payment, credit, exchange, etc..


Synched with Ecogo – Ecotouch

Ecogo – Ecotouch, a one-touch ecosystem, with IoT, which provides NEEBank with an access into all retail ecosystems, digital citizen management ecosystems, or any other services on Ecogo platform (such as GoTravel, GoHospital, GoSchool, GoWork, GoShopping, GoCarpark, SmartCity, etc..)


How to register for an IDBank

  • Anyone can create an IDBank free-of-charge on any devices with APIs connected to EcoTouch; or can be created directly on NEEBank – all activities are performed online
  • After the account gets its KYC; your account is activated and an user gets full access to NEEBank’s services for an individual (iBanker)
  • An user uses IDBank to log in to the system and experience different services; and benefits free-of-charge as well as specialized services for global customers.
  • IDBank can be used to log in to EcoGo – EcoTouch system and get full access to its applications; and services as well as its open synchronized ecosystem
  • Incorporated with NEECard, a virtual card issued by NEEBank, directly from an user’s smartphone, IDBank can be used with NEECard to replace physical cards issued by traditional banks with full functions as a Visa / Mastercard
  • IDBank is automatically integrated with NEECredit, a credit program provided by NEEBank and EcoTouch, which allows a user to have credit with lots of benefits such as: shopping, installment purchase, buying houses/cars/insurance in installment, and so on; all provided by NEEBank.


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With IDBank, NEEBank gets across boundaries