USDex – Exchange / Trading

USDex – Exchange / Trading

I. What Is NEEX USD (USDex)

USDex is an intermediate asset in international transactions: payment, exchange, money transfer.

USDex is a Stablecoin issued with ERC20 platform – Ethereum Blockchain which makes it irreversible, easy to transfer with an wallet’s address only . All transactions with USDex are transparent.

1 USDex is secured to be exchanged into 1 USD at all time directly in NEEBank.

USDex is used in financial services, cryptocurrency exchanging and trading, international payment and commercial activities.

=> USDex is created to offer a stable and trustworthy coin for traders. This will be a platform for NEEBank to operate in all nations with no currency, community or border limitations. It’s also supported by other assets to be traded easily globally.

USDex - neebank

USDex’s created as a stable intermediary base to be exchange into different currencies in a safe, fast and convenient way with Neebank’s activities all over the world.

1 billion USDex only is issue with ERC20 of Ethereum. USDex is exchang directly into different currencies in NEEBank, with the ratio of 1 USDex = 1 USD (US dollar).

Issuing USDex will be the foundation for NEEBank to operate in all countries, with no limitation of currencies. Communities or borders since USDex can be exchange into both cryptocurrencies and national currencies.

II. Who Issue USDex? What Is USDex’s Issue Method?

A. Who Issue USDex?

  1. USDex is issued by NEEBank
  2. USDex is issued in a Blockchain Ethereum platform – ERC20 (Smart Contracts)

What is USDex

USDex plays the role of a decentralized, equal intermediary in payment which makes Neebank the first digital bank managing its accounts in a decentralized Blockchain platform. USDex is issued as a transactional medium in forex activities between currencies, cryptocurrencies and crypto assets in – the exchange established by NEEBank.

B. USDex’s Issue Method

Below are details on how USDex is issue:

  • ERC20 – Ethereum Platform
  • Max supply: USDex
  • Name of token: NEEX USD
  • Sign: USDex
  • Date of launch: April 10th, 2020
  • Protocol: Off-chain, fully-backed by USD
  • Being secured at a one-to-one ratio (i.e one USDex is one US dollar) in NEEBank’s accounts


  • USDex’s issued directly by NEEBank and ensured to be exchange at the rate of 1:1 into USD in a NEEBank’s account.
  • USD ex’s used directly on and as an intermediary in transactions of different cryptocurrency.
  • USDex’s used as an intermediary for forex and money transferring via blockchain. Which makes NEEBank the first digital bank to manage its account – database in a decentralized system. It ensures a client’s security.

III. Where USDex Can Be Traded?

  • ( and within PAYASIAN community.
  • ( and within 9TOKEN community.
  • On the foundation of NEEX, NEENOTE.
  • USDex is the main currency in a NEEBank wallet in international transactions, money transferring or forex.
  • Being the main means of payment on ECOGO – ECOTOUCH.
  • Within the ecosystem of OMAPlus and NEENote.
  • With affiliates and cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.