Utility Bill Payment

Utility Bill Payment

As the economy grew stronger, cash payments could not meet the payment needs of the entire economy. Therefore, the application of a new form of payment more convenient; and safer is what any country is interest in which is cashless payment.

Pay without cash and utilities

Cashless payment (Non-cash payment) (OTC) is a form of payment through other non-cash means such as assets and certificates of equivalent value. This means that consumers can use valuable papers, tangible assets (not gold, silver) or use payment instruments; but mainly through credit institutions instead of consumers. And sellers directly exchange with each other now.

The essence of this form is to limit the amount of cash circulating in the economy and minimize social costs. This activity will directly reduce the amount of cash circulating in the commodity market by encouraging each consumer to trade stores. They can use the services of payment, bank card, online payment without changing the equivalent cash value. Whether or not cash is available is the biggest difference between cash and cashless payment .

The trend of cashless payment development - NEEBank

This activity will benefit all stakeholders: consumers, sellers, credit institutions (mainly banks) and the economy as a whole. Once consumers see the benefits and maintain this payment habit regularly, surely the macroeconomy will benefit as well. Specifically, the benefits of non-cash payments such as Quick payment for large value transactions, remote transactions. Safe to avoid the risks of carrying cash like theft safe. Because of avoiding physical risks such as tearing loss of angle cannot be used. Exactly the amount to pay, especially when paying large and odd amounts; Consumers can receive more promotions from sellers as well as banks. You will often receive a discount when paying by bank card; promotions will be continuously “sold” by the seller to the market to encourage consumption. Along with that is the cost of printing money, transporting and tallying or preserving money; reduce inflation when cash flow decreases…

Cashless payment at NEEBank

NEEBank develops transactions, cash transfer, and non-cash payment services, bringing customers quick and convenient experiences. In particular, NEEBank pioneered the development of digital asset banking systems based on blockchain technology.

Accordingly, NEEBank focuses on professional digital currency depository operations, digital currency transactions, leverage financing, quantitative cryptocurrency trust transactions, digital currency asset management, etc, … bring a new paradigm to the financial industry in Vietnam and globally.

One of the most outstanding features is the stable contractual trading environment. Especially, there is no manual operation or centralized power or a third party. So always ensure no transaction disputes and frauds occur on the blockchain platform.

NEEBank provides main services such as:

  •  Lending digital assets: Through loan contracts, users can use digital assets to receive mortgage loans. Both users and banks can make profits safer and more efficient.
  • Digital asset storage: Providing safe and efficient digital asset storage service, users not only use blockchain wallet to store but also enjoy the functions of quantitative income, revenue mining bitcoin, lending money, etc.
  • Digital asset insurance: With millions at stake, not to mention the growing market of digital assets, the insurance industry can provide a safety net for electricity investors death. At NEEBank, traditional insurance companies can restore investor confidence in digital assets.
  • Quantitative digital asset trading Make profit from digital asset quantitative transactions, using arbitrage trading through low and high buy, along with high-frequency quantitative technology to achieve get extremely high profits and stable payback.
  • Pay bills for a range of services such as electricity, water, cable television, telephone, Internet charges, airline tickets, and many other services.