Special Promotion “The Race – NEEBanker”

Special Promotion “The Race – NEEBanker”

In order to encourage NEEBanker agents to develop their network better and welcome the event “ The Race – Money 4.0 ” held in Dubai. NEEBank launches its series of special promotion named “The Race – NEEBanker”. NEEBankers will win high value prizes such as luxury apartment, Mazda 6, Gold 24K, iPhone 12, …

Conditions apply

Subject: NEEBanker agents

Time: from Sep 16 to Dec 15, 2020

Number of prizes: unlimited.

The requirement for the prizes is that all F1s must be verified from KYC.

The special promotion series “THE RACE – NEEBANKER” includes 3 different programs

1. “F1 KING” – Connect, Expansion and For Appealing Prizes

These are special prizes for NEEBankers who are successful in increasing their F1 numbers.

  • K1 Prize – OPPO A53 smartphone: Each month, a NEEBanker, who has at least 10 new packages from 10 of their F1s.
  • K3 Prize – Ipad Air: A NEEBanker, who continuously gets K1 prizes for three months (October; November; December).
  • K9 Prize – iPhone 12: A NEEBanker who ranks 1st in K3 prize (applicable condition: three or more people who win K3).

*The result comes out every 16th of each month.

2. NEEBANKER – Best Seller

Sales bonus for NEEBanker:

  • 2 Gold ounces (24K) for sales target is $100,000
  • 4 Gold ounces (24K) for sales target is $200,000
  • 1 Mazda 6 for sales target is $500,000
  • An apartment at $100,000 for sales target is $1,000,000

*Note: Each prize goes with a trip to Dubai (each NEEBanker who reaches the sales income of $20,000 receives a trip to Dubai).

3. Special Offer For September: A Bonus of 5% Buying NEE (16 – 22.09.2020)

Chances to accumulate more NEE through the September offer, GET 5% MORE NEE when depositing at this time.

NEEBankers will take advantage of this offer to own more NEE, and will accelerate the process of receiving prizes of the promotion series.

NEEBankers’ success will become the motivation for NEEBank to perfect its strategies.

We wish our NEEBankers to conquer new peaks and grow with NEEBank.