• How can I withdraw cash from NEEBank?
  • Clients register for IDBank – a NEEBank’s account, with USDex as its main currency

    Clients deposit USDex into their accounts to use all services of NEEBank: payment, transfer, saving, investment, etc.

    When you want to withdraw into cash, you just go to nearest available NEEBankers – they are NEEBank’s agents who allow you to exchange and withdraw cash from them.

    At NEEBanker, you can exchange your currencies: you transfer USDex to NEEBanker’s account, and that NEEBanker will provide you with cash or via your traditional bank account you provide (according to the real-time exchange rate of your country’s fiat currency to USDex)

    Additionally, from May 2021, when NEEBank officially operates, you can perform transactions between IDBank and your traditional bank accounts (deposit/withdraw using your fiat currency, at the exchange rate provided by NEEBank).

  • QUICK TUTORIAL: How To Sign Up on ECOTOUCH Application
  • Let’s take a tour with us on how easily to sign up on ECOTOUCH application.

    With a few touches, you’ll be a member of one of the most potential global digital community in the world. By sign up on ECOTOUCH, you could experience the one touch technology that provide everything you need in life by simple command.

    The app is now ready to be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

    On CH Play + On IOS

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