Dubai Event – The Race Money 4.0

Dubai Event – The Race Money 4.0

At NEEBank event in Dubai, an introduction to the banking issues it faces and the alternative – A bank without boundaries. It will include an overview of the procedures, costs and effective operation of a bank, and the inevitability of a digital bank that applies Blockchain, IoT and AI technologies to all operations of a bank. The knowledge gained and the connection between the participants in the event will be considered an invaluable business cooperation opportunity.

Ecoworld has been deploying important projects which will mark its new development for 2020. To achieve the best results, Ecoworld has been enlisting new partners in the upcoming months. Among these new partners, OMANEE has become a key partner in Ecoworld’s project. Let’s take a look at OMANEE.

OMANEE’s message

OMANEE is a multinational corporation working in Finance and Technology (Fintech). With Omanee, OMA+ is the foundation for its financial activities. The foundation will provide many investing and cooperating opportunities between OMANEE and its partners, especially startups in all fields.

Besides, We also works with NEENOTE, another foundation of OMANEE. This is also the base for many communications – technology projects like Big Data, Internet of Thing, Blockchain, AI, AR, VR, etc.. Now, this is also applied in Finance and Investment.

In the trend of a borderless globe, OMANEE embraces its dream of ‘an Asia without borders’. In this plan, OMANEE’ll be working on enhancing its technology; causing a breakthrough in consumers’ behavioral changes in trading, purchasing without cash. It, in turn, will create a strong competition in the process of globalization; to help OMANEE to conquer the Asian market and getting it ready for the global one.

The dream of “an Asia without borders” won’t be a farfetched one when when people apply state-of-the-art technology in all aspects of life; to build links among communities and smart users. OMANEE takes on challenges to continue growing and growing fast. Globalization is the only route that OMANEE can continue its development; to become multinational incorporation and soon to be a global one.

OMANEE’s vision lies in becoming a trustworthy partner to customers and a reputable leading firm in Finance Technology and Management of Asia.

OMANEE’s projects

Our dream of ‘an Asia without border’ can only be achieved when we take advantage of the digital technology revolution to create applications connecting digital communities and smart users.

In this trend, you’ll witness OmaCity showing up in Asia – Pacific, from Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai and so on. OmaCity will be a smart choice for people who want to live in an ideal environment, to connect and interact with 4.0 citizens from all Asian countries.

IoT & Smart City is the combination which makes the foundation for Omacity. It’s a city operat with Omarea model – one of Sharing Property. In a near future, when you become a part of OmaCity, it doesn’t matter which country you come from, you can always connect with this global network, and that’ll help you make the impossibles possible.

OMANEE’s Mission

It’s dedicated to provide solutions to investors to achieve their long-term financial goals. OMANEE expects to expand and enhance its foundation in the Asia – Pacific. From that, OMANEE can offer a solid foundation and a well of investment experience to help investors achieve their goals.

Offer values in Finance, Technology and Blockchain applications to the community, the service segment and enterprises.

  • Increase the value of investment. To achieve this, Omanee has investing strategy built on its core values and business principles.
  • Omanee makes wise, strategic decisions to benefit its clients with great income. The key is in consulting clients with solutions so that its clients invest in the smartest and most efficient way. These solutions don’t only benefit its clients and the community in general but also makes the investment’s value rises by itself. It goes beyond just an ordinary financial plan.
  • Omanee offers its employees a challenging working environment with chances to gain experiences and skills to self-build a person’s career path. From the new skills gained at work, people are able to make wise decisions and strategies to help clients in gaining profits.