New bonus limits from June 11th, 2021

New bonus limits from June 11th, 2021

Dear our investors – agents,

First of all, NEEBank would like to extend our deepest gratification for all your trust, support and effort to build such a strong community as we have now. 

In order to execute NEEBank’s next phase of development, we would like to bring to your attention some changes in daily bonus limits for our agents. These changes will come into effect on June 11th, 2021: 

☑️ N0: $50

☑️ N1: $100

☑️ N2: $200

☑️ N3: $300

☑️ N4: $500

☑️ N5: $1,000

☑️ N6: $2,000

☑️ N7: $3,000

☑️ N8: $4,000

☑️ N9: $5,000

☑️ N10: $6,000

This change has been made to promote our NEEBankers to continue working and getting ready for the great NEEBank’s launch in October 2021 in Dubai.

Let us join efforts in making our vision a reality for NEEBank – the digital bank of 21st century. 

Best regards,