Benefits for a NEEBanker – An Agent of NEEBank (Updating To The End of August 2020)

Benefits for a NEEBanker – An Agent of NEEBank (Updating To The End of August 2020)

  • What is NEEBanker?
  • A NEEBanker’s job
  • Benefits for a NEEBanker

In line with its vision of becoming the first bank to operate fully online, a bank without borders with its network all over the globe. NEEBank constantly cooperates, connects with organizations and individuals to set up a network of Banking Agents – NEEBankers around the world, in order to accelerate the development and meet the needs of clients in any country. In addition, it is in line with the pioneering strategy in the digital banking segment that NEEBank has set out.

What is a bank’s agent – NEEBanker? What’s the nature of the relationship between agents and NEEBank? 

NEEBanker plays the role of an agent for NEEBank overseas to ensure the performance of a mutual business with a two-way commercial nature, that is, a banking agent providing services on behalf of NEEBank, representing the bank in a location where NEEBank does not have branches and offices. This partnership opens up NEEBanker’s money-making opportunity and also helps NEEBank expand its reach across all territories.

A NEEBanker’s job

A NEEBanker is an agent of digital bank NEEBank, so he provides all services available at NEEBank such as account opening, money transfer, remittance, deposit, loan, payment, transaction, etc.

Customers will need to visit a NEEBanker to deposit, exchange and transfer money. When clients need to withdraw cash, they can contact NEEBanker.

Sharing referral links to others for them to open a free account is a job of NEEBanker and it also affects the bonus that the bank agent receives.

become a neebanker and its benefits


Benefits for a NEEBanker

As mentioned above, NEEBanker will receive a reward (in NEE) by sharing the referral link to the community. 

  • Customers often come to NEEBanker to exchange money. The benefit comes from the exchange rate difference that bank agents transact with customers.
  • The biggest and most important benefit that NEEBanker receives is from the system commission policy (from F1 – F9).

For example: Your system consists of 9 levels (from F1 – F9)

You send links to 5 friends who become NEEBanker -> those 5 friends will become F1s in your system.

Each F1l introduces 5 new people -> That means 5 F1sl introduce 25 new people- 25 F2s.

  • Just like that, there will be 1,953,125 people as your F9. The cumulative number of people from F1 to F9 is 2,441,405. And if there is a paid transaction from any of 2,441,405 people in your system, you will receive a commission for that transaction.
  • All NEEBanker transactions in USDex arising in the month, will be automatically summed up to receive a 20% cashback.