NEEBank Implements Know-Your-Customer/KYC Function On IDShare Platform

NEEBank Implements Know-Your-Customer/KYC Function On IDShare Platform

With the principle of streamlining the operating apparatus to optimize operating costs and bring many benefits to customers, but still upholding security/safety. Online identification/ KYC function is one of the key technologies of NEEBank. Thanks to this special feature, customers can open a bank account anytime, anywhere without having to go to a branch.

Online KYC registration in NEEBank – Global digital banking

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process of verifying the identity of members to help the system comply with the anti-money laundering law (AML) and protect the system against illegal acts.

The KYC process takes place entirely on the internet environment, NEEBank digital banking is one of the pioneering banks to apply this process in service activities. Customers are required to verify identity – the “ownership” of personal information when registering to open an account or using NEEBank digital banking services. In addition, there are equally important benefits as follows:

  1. 100% Anti-phishing / fake ID
  2. Enjoy fully exclusive offers to NEEBanker accounts that successfully perform KYC:

Note: Non-KYC accounts, will be limited from a lots of benefits and functions. Any NEEBanker’s account hasn’t completed KYC, will not be able to exchange, transfer, or receive rewards.

Identify the NEEBank account on the platform

Starting from July 2020, all accounts used to log into NEEBank (EcoTouch, NEEBanker) can perform online identification on platform. – identity platform that uses Blockchain decentralized storage technology and is not affected by any third parties. Therefore, data stored on IDShare is completely transparent and secure. IDShare’s API portal is a common social resource (similar to Wikipedia), users all over the world can connect and exploit common resources.

Instructions for identifying NEEBank accounts on IDShare