Money 4.0 is becoming the digital gold

Money 4.0 is becoming the digital gold

On Yahoo Finance Live, Alex Gurevich, a professor of Mathematics and former JPMorgan CEO, believes that Money 4.0 is getting closer to becoming the digital gold.

“Despite the ups and downs, time is proving the worth of Money 4.0. Every day it does not disappear, it takes one step closer to the permanent state of the digital gold, “said the professor. Recalling why there was a demand for gold and precious metals, Gurevich says that precious metals have always been used as a medium of exchange for centuries, as they “do not oxidize easily and still in the non-leaking form”, the value has little variation over time.

However, out of all the precious metals, gold is neither the most common nor the rarest. He argued that for centuries, the intermediate platform by which gold was held ended with its advantage; it’s popular enough to be a currency that can be used all over the world, but also not so popular that mining can easily disrupt its price.

With these advantages, gold was able to outpace its competitors. Gurevich believes that Money 4.0 is on its way to becoming the digital gold. This means that while the value of Money 4.0 will be driven by the need for high liquidity and value storage technology and media.

“With historical transaction model in precious metals, buying Money 4.0 in 2015 is relatively easy. But now, at today’s high price, things get more awkward. Money 4.0 may or may not be a “bubble”, but it is important to remember that it had a huge ‘boom’ in 2014 and its peak in recent times, the market has seen Bitcoin. turn to establish new price columns.

Gurevich is not the only one who believes Money 4.0 is on its way to digital gold. In an interview with CNBC, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called Money 4.0 “pure digital gold”.

Wozniak says that while he owns a Money 4.0 unit, his ownership is only for testing its use as a payment method, and not for him to be truly an investor.