Lucky Draw – Attractive Promotions For NEEBank’s Users Only

Lucky draw is a form of promotion that specialized for NEEBank’s users which take place around a year. Normally the program lasts in a specific period of times, this is up to its policy and will be decided by NEEBank. Rewards usually come as present form or coin will be transfer directly to user’s wallet; it’s depended on each promotion.


  1.  Winners must follow all steps as instruction for each promotion to qualified for awards
  2. If there are many lucky numbers coinciding, the winner is the person who has the earliest comment/participation.
  3. Organizer will announce the results and contact the winner within 24 hours to award
  4. Final decision belongs to NEEBank in case any of conflict or complaint to the game
  5. Only winner can receive the prize. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other forms
  6. Customers shall have 30 days since the date on which customers did the lucky draw and won the prize to receive the prize, after which, the Bank shall reserve right to refuse the customers
  7. NEEBank, in its discretion, reserves the right to give the prize or not to the winner if NEEBank deems that related transaction(s) is/are suspicious and/or for the reason that the Customer fails to cooperate and does not abide by his/her obligations stated herein. The Bank’s decision in all matters relating to the Program is final and binding on the Customers.
  8. NEEBank reserves the right to terminate the Program at anytime in the extent permitted by the prevailing laws and regulations.