Investment Policy Of NEEBanker Packages (Updating To The End of August 2020)

Investment Policy Of NEEBanker Packages (Updating To The End of August 2020)

NEEBank offers diverse financial investment opportunities to maximize investors’ profits. We help you make your cash flow effectively to suit your active or passive investment needs.

We offer flexible investment packages, suitable for large investors or those with limited capital.

 The incentive investment policy 9 packages: N1 – N9

The lowest package is N1 – minimum deposit of $500 with a monthly interest rate of 2% (or 24% / year). After 1 year, you will receive an INTEREST of $120. This is the basic package, suitable for those with limited capital, with only $500, you can become a NEEBanker and the path to wealth has opened for you.

The highest package N9 – the maximum deposit of $100,000, with the monthly interest rate of 3% (or 36% / year). After 1 year, you will receive the INTEREST of $36,000 – a huge number, once you register the premium package, your path to wealth will be shorter than ever.

In addition, when investors deposit for any packages, they become NEEBanker by default and are entitled to policies such as to get cashback at the rate of 20% / month on the total USDex transaction in a month. In particular, they are entitled to COMMISSIONS from their own NEEBankers’ system.

NEEBanker commission policy (COMMISSION FROM A NEEBanker SYSTEM)


A NEEBanker’s network consists of 18 levels from F1 -> F9. The total commission received by the whole 9-levels system is 12%, divided into 12 levels as follows:

  • F1 (highest level): enjoy the highest rate of 4%.
  • F2 – F9: 1% for each level.

Leader rank rewards (Leader 1 star – Leader 9 stars)

The reward policy is entitled to NEEBankers who achieve the designated revenue

The total sales (low to high) are incorporate with the Leader ranks from 1 star to 9 stars.

The 2% commission for total sales will be applied to 6 titles: 1-star Leader to 6-tar Leader. 1.5% for 7-star Leader and 8-star Leader, and finally 1% for 9-star Leader The specific is as follows:

  • 1-star Leader: The condition required to achieve the title of 1-star Leader is that in the system, there must be 10 F1s (it doesn’t matter what packages those F1s register; those F1s can register for only N1 or all of them register for N9), the applicable total SALES is $100,000 (equivalent to 1 highest investment package).
    -> This award = 2% x $100,000 = $2,000
  • 2-star Leader: to qualify for this rank, the NEEBanker’s system must have 5 L1 (1-star LEADER – these LEADERS must be F1 or F2). The applicable total SALES is $300,000 (equivalent to 3 highest investment packages).
    -> This award = 2% x $300,000 = $6,000

Similarly, the remaining titles will have to meet the conditions and sales shown in the picture above:

  • 3-star Leader: Reward of 2% = $10,000
  • 4-star Leader: Reward of 2% = $20,000
  • 5-star Leader: Reward of 2% = $40,000
  • 6-star Leader: Reward of 1.5% = $75,000
  • 7-star Leader: Reward of 1.5% = $150,000
  • 8-star Leader: Reward of 1.5% = $350,000
  • 9-star Leader: Reward of 1% = $500,000

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