How to spend money wisely

How to spend money wisely

Spending money wisely could be light at the end of the tunnel for people trying to improve their financial lives.

If you are like me and have several bank accounts, credit cards, etc., often it may seem difficult to grasp and fully understand your personal finances.

But if you don’t take the right steps to get organized and really learn how to spend money wisely, you’ll feel like you’re swimming upstream.

Spending money wisely like anything takes time to understand and improve. And to master it, it also takes commitment and a solid understanding of your finances. These are the first steps in effective money management.

It is experienced by everyone and anyone who once took control of their finances and keeping your financial life orderly, sooner or later, is of paramount importance.


Consolidate your debt

Debt, a terrifying word. Nobody likes debt. No one. And most of the people who need help spending money actually need help getting out of debt. Sound familiar? If you are like the majority of Americans (80%), then you are most likely indebted.

The first thing to do is control it and try to get rid of it. If you have credit card debts, student loans and other debts; try to consolidate them and try to get the lowest interest rate possible.

Again, it’s all about taking the right steps to take control of your money. There are options that allow you to combine some unsecured loans like credit cards, personal loans and short-term loans into one bill instead of making a separate payment.

If you only have a single credit card debt and are on a tight budget, try paying at least the minimum amount as soon as you receive your credit card bill. Then, if your finances allow and you make some extra money, try making the same payment a few weeks later.

Try continuing this billing cycle until your debt is paid off.


 Cut or eliminate unnecessary expenses

Crazy fan of Starbucks? If you are buying a Venti Caffe Latte every day (the better) for about $ 4 in your wallet. Multiply that and you could spend about 1,400 dollars a year on just that. Maybe, just maybe, consider making your own mix at home to earn those coins?

Pay for the gym membership instead of exercising at home. Cancel it. Think carefully about the membership, registration, or other accounts you are paying for but may live under.

Remember, the idea is to learn how to better spending money wisely by taking everything and every penny into account.

So cut costs wherever you see an opportunity, and especially if it’s something that doesn’t affect your life much.



Save 10 to 15 percent on retirement

I know that is far from over, but if you want to relax later, the earlier you start saving to retire, the more prosperous you will have in your golden years.

The first thing is to set a savings goal – a goal that tells you how much you should spend overtime to meet retirement goals that will allow you to live the way you envision.

Let’s say you’re 21 and don’t have anything to save but just got a job with a salary of $40,000 a year. If you save 10% of your annual income, by the age of 67, you will save $2.5 million!


 Use a personal finance tool or app

Your finances are complicated, let them not.


Start by capturing the times and ditching your Casio PC or calculator. There are new and free tools that will show you how to manage your money and do all the tough calculating and budgeting tasks.

Many tools like Quicken for Windows or the free MoneyStrands app will let you securely consolidate, manage, and control your money in one place.

With MoneyStrands, you can access all of your account balances, financial transactions, spending habits and budget, and pull all of that information to start making smarter decisions and achieve your financial goals.


Knowledges are power. Spending money wisely that we know today begins with you and me. They constantly learn, train themselves and turn their passion into their profession.

Financial professionals can give you some essential tips on how to spend money wisely as well as some inspirational stories to help you focus on being the best version of yourself about financial side.


Some of their financial jargons may be out of your reach, so learn more about the knowledgeable kernels that apply to you and yours.

Overall, stay informed, practice good financial management and maybe one day you will be the next personal finance expert and have thousands, if not millions of people. Find your content and seek your expertise on how best to use your money. Everything is possible.

Maybe spending money wisely will make your life a lot smoother, not to mention helping reduce your stress levels. Being well organized will also save you time and avoid potential headaches in the future. And no one wants those things.

So get out there and take your first steps outlining your personal finance strategy with the present goal of being able to manage your finances better than before. Many others have done it, and so can you.

Think how sweet those margarine will taste on the Miami beach for many years to come.

Let us know if you have any other successful steps so that spending your money doesn’t appear above!