Global agent recruitment – NEEBanker

Global agent recruitment – NEEBanker

During its process of NEEBank’s official launch in March 2021 (in Dubai) and its official operation at the beginning of 2021, NEEBank is proud to announce its global agent recruitment NEEBank.

NEEBank is a digital bank based in Dubai (the UAE), India and Singapore. It’s the first digital bank to operate all of its services online all over the world. Thanks to the Blockchain application, NEEBank can get through all boundaries of borders, currency differences, communities, and the environment. The bank also works 24/7 free of charge (no registration fee, no account maintenance fee, no forex fee, etc..). Besides FREE services, NEEBank has many other competitive features such as high saving interest, appealing lending interest, NEECredit service – a smart feature to automatically evaluate a person’s credit by AI, using IoT and Blockchain.

Together with its key field (Finance – Investment), International Money Transfer – Remittance Services are also seen as NEEBank’s strength. These services are convenient, simple and user-friendly and can be used globally.

NEEBank offers this chance to all partners – individuals, organizations, business people – from all over the world to join us to enjoy wonderful benefits and advantages.

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WHO: Individuals – organizations – business people

CONDITION: Sign up and deposit at least 100 USDex (and get the interest for this package at the rate of 24% – 48% / year).


  • Search for and assist clients to open their bank accounts (IDBank)
  • Perform exchange services (NEE Exchange)
  • Perform international money transfer – remittance services (NEEX)
  • Top-Up – allowing clients to deposit and withdraw money (ATM)
  • Perform other services: lending, saving, issuing cards, insurance, credit, bill payment, etc…

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  • Get NEE rewards when a client opens a free account (with a Referral Link)
  • 10% reward when exchanging USDex
  • Get the differences between currencies when performing forex service
  • Get agent commission for 9 levels for saving, depositing, lending, credit services
  • 80% of the service fee for NEEBank’s services
  • Get20% cashback per month when completing payment/transactions with NEEBank’s accounts
  • Get the interest at the rate of 24% – 48% for the deposit package

And many other advantages at the time of official operation of NEEBank in 2021

Global agent recruitment NEEbank - the digital bank