Digital Banking Application In Vietnam

Digital Banking Application In Vietnam

The technological revolution changes consumer behavior, leading to the demand for digital technology mobility and the appearance of digital banking application. An interesting development is happening in the finance – banking industry, which is the race to launch an online financial services application. Below is a list of typical digital banking applications in Vietnam today.


OCB Omni: Multi-channel banking application

OCB Banking applications

OCB Omni application was released by OCB in 2019, with the ability to provide online financial services such as opening an online account, lending online, buying online insurance, investing online …

By being one of the first traditional banks to implement digital transformation to meet the shift of user behavior to the internet online environment, showing OCB’s broad and timely vision in this step.


NEEBank – The first zero-fee digital banking application based blockchain technology

digital banking application

Blockchain technology is a big step forward in the era of Industry 4.0 and has significantly impacted the digital mobility of the banking industry. Nowadays, digital banking is more than just a bank that also provides online services, today with a tremendous demand for technology, digital banking must also apply artificial intelligence and decentralized management platform thanks to into Blockchain technology. NEEBank – the first digital bank with the Blockchain platform officially launched in Vietnam in May 2021. With its worldwide presence, NEEbank promises to be a formidable player in the digital banking race.

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Zalo Pay – mobile payment application with money transfer function

digital banking application in vietnam

In early 2020, VNG launched the Zalo Pay payment application, which allows hundreds of millions of users from the existing Zalo platform, make mobile payment orders, transfer and receive money, send gifts …

Besides, large bank account integration features such as VietcomBank, Vietinbank, BIDV, SacomBank, EximBank for each Zalo Pay account are also a great advantage.

Zalo Pay application is branded as a completely “made in Vietnam” product and has a large user community, Zalo Pay is expected to knock out the leading digital banking & payment applications such as Airpay, Timo, Momo, OCB Omni …


Timo – First zero-fee digital banking application in Vietnam

digital banking application in vietnam

Timo (launched in 2016) is the first digital banking application in Vietnam. Starting with an application that allows opening cards, sending savings online, and transferring and withdrawing money at other ATMs without fee system, Timo has become a familiar name for Vietnamese people. when it comes to digital banking. After a period of operation, Timo has made a certain mark in the minds of users and became one of the top-of-mind digital banks in the Vietnam market.