Consumer loans

Consumer loans

Consuming loans (UPDATED IN 2021)

Simple – Fast – Low interest

If you’re looking for a source of financial support but don’t want to bother your family or acquaintances? 

You can trust NEEBank to meet your needs of loans with its product – CONSUMER INSTALLMENT LOANS with no collaterals or mortgage. Our assistance will surely bring you success with your plan.

Advantages and characteristics:

  • Simple process, no collaterals or deposit requirement
  • The loan depends on the credit level that you reach
  • Flexible periods: 6 months – 60 months, depending on your financial situation
  • Disburse right at the time of approval
  • The monthly interest is calculated with actual balance at the time of calculation
  • Principal and monthly interest payments help customers easily manage the repayment schedule
  • Fast approval time, maximum of 02 working days
  • Interest rates are competitive and clear
  • Users are allowed to articipate in the ecosystem of OMANEE Group and partners

Consumer loans without collaterals

Realize your plan to improve your living standard.