Blue Credit

Blue Credit

Blue Credit is a program integrating financial services of NEEBank and the application of one-touch ecosystem, EcoTouch.

EcoTouch creates and develops a One-Touch ecosystem. In this system, each person is able to activate ONE AND ONLY ONE ID which is managed with blockchain and KYC; this ID synchronizes all social network, accounts, personal information with updates via Verification systems performed by EcoTouch’s third parties, its affiliates.

In the ecosystem of EcoGo – EcoTouch, there are  IoT applications providing users with safe, fast and convenient services with no possibilities of fraud due to a transparent, secured and apparent blockchain foundation.

Blue Credit with neex USDx

NEEBank is a global digital bank using Blockchain – a decentralized financial management system – with the assistance of USDex – an intermediary. This combination makes NEEBank’s activities overcome the issues of cross-border payment, forex, money transfer, currency differentiation – ones that traditional banks have to face.

The cooperation of NEEBank and EcoTouch forms a base called IDBank for global citizens. It allows the followings:

  • Anyone can create an IDBank (a digital bank account) from anywhere
  • IDBank can connect to all NEEBank’s services and any segments in Ecotouch
  • IDBank automatically creates a virtual card under the name NEECard, which can perform all services of Visa / Mastercard cards in international payment.

With “Blue Credit” of NEEBank

Global citizens of the 4.0 era are provided with simply processed financial services with no authentification, approving process needed. These services include:

  • Opening checking accounts
  • Depositing
  • Savings
  • Investing
  • Lending
  • Loans / Credit services
  • Additional services: securities, insurance, luckydraw
  • Affiliate services: top-up, bill payment, credit settlement, etc..

Credit and Blacklist policies from traditional banks are not applied; they’re replaced by Blue Credit

  • In EcoTouch, each ID gets KYC and Verified at different levels; the process is evaluated and accounts are classified in different levels
  • Via an account’s IDBank, it’s possible to evaluate a person’s financial credit
  • Via OMAIN (a smart virtual assistant), it can generate an evaluation and consultation for the user’s personal financial usage

=>> NEEBank forms a scale of Blue Credit – which is automatically generated, transparent to all IDBank users and users of EcoTouch.