Announcement: NEEBank roadmap and plan (From March to October 2021)

Announcement: NEEBank roadmap and plan (From March to October 2021)

Dear customers and investors

First of all, NEEBank sincerely thanks the cooperation of customers and investors during the past time.

NEEBank has continuously developed and introduced quality products and services to provide customers and investors with the best experiences. At the same time, we will continue to have activities to improve the service quality of NEEBank in the future.

NEEBank would like to inform customers and investors about the development plan and roadmap for the next 6 months (from March to October 2021) as follows:

March 2021: Upgrades and launches of

  • (V2)
  • IDBank app (V1 – NEEBanker)
  • Dr.Nee V2
  • NEENote Wallet
Withdrawals of:
  • USDex, NEE to NEENote
  • USDex to TRON (TRC20) wallets
📍The issuance of 21 NEEx cryptocurrencies: VNDex, SGDex, AEDex, etc. These currencies can be exchanged and traded on NEENote and other Blockchain (ERC20, TRC20) wallets.
📍All NEEX coins on NEENOTE are freely traded.

15th June 2021, introducing:

  • Vutrades: BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, USDT, USDex, NEE, WEL, etc are used for betting, games, casino, trading of encrypted assets.
  • peer-to-peer trades of NEE, USDex, BTC, ETH, WEL, TRON, etc
  • NEEX is launched in all countries. Users can deposit & withdraw from/to fiat currencies, to Visa/Master cards.
📍Wallets and Blockchain
  • NEENOTE: e-wallet & an exchange
  • NEEChain: Blockchain platform
  • Welups Wallet: e-wallet
  • IDBank – NEEBank: Introducing IDBank V2 (IBanker, Bizbank, NEEBanker)
  • VUGO: automobile management application – car trading platform, allowing vehicle purchase in USDex, NEE, WEL, and other cryptos.
  • VUHOUSE: 4.0 Real estate – allowing the real estate purchase in USDex, NEE, WEL, and other cryptos.
  • VULIVE: The first social media with identified users
  • Issuing NEECard – MasterCard
📍October 2021: Dubai event
  • Launching NEEBank and its FINTECH ecosystem
  • Launching IDShare – global digital citizens
  • Introducing VUWO – A platform for encrypted assets